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GPX 5000

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Product Description

More features and functions make the GPX 5000 the second best gold detector in the world!

Application                         Gold Prospecting & Deep Relic
Technology                         MPS, DVT & SETA
Frequency/Transmission           Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
Coil (standard)                     11" Round Double-D plus 15 x 12-inch Monoloop.
Audio Output                       6.35mm (1/4") headphone/speaker jack.
Headphones Supplied              Koss 100 ohm headphones.
Visual Display                      64 x 128 pixels, transflective with white backlight.
Backlight                           Yes with adjustable automatic 'time-out'.
USB Connectivity                                    -
Memory                            Setting changes saved automatically and remain until changed or reset.
Factory Presets can be restored on start-up.
Depth Indication                                     -
Detect Modes                     General, Deep, Hi-Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash & Pinpoint (all user programmable)
Discrimination                     Iron Reject: range 1 to 10 & Off (All Metal).
Timings           Normal, Sensitive Extra, Enhance, Sharp, Sensitive Smooth, Coin/Relic, Salt/Gold & Fine Gold.
Audio tone                        Variable Control 1 to 100.
Audio Type                        Quiet, Normal, Deep & Boost.
Ground Balance         Automatic Ground Balance, Fixed & Tracking: Slow, Medium & Fast. Quick-Trak button.
Ground Balance Type             General, Specific & Ground Balance Off.
Trash Density                                                   -
Pinpoint                                                          -
Sensitivity Adjust                                    Rx Gain 1 to 20.
Tune / Noise Cancel                           Automatic & Manual 0 to 255.
Threshold                                      Adjustable turn control.
Target Volume Adjust                Target Volume 1 to 20. Volume Limit 1 to 20.
Battery                         Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 68Wh with in-built amplifier for speaker use. Approx. 12 Hours use. Supplied with mains and vehicle charger.
Low battery alert                                      Audio alert.
Length                                        1100mm (43.3”) à 1300mm (51.2”).
Weight      2.4kg (5.3lbs) including 11” coil (excluding battery and accessories). Battery weight 780g (1.7lbs).
Warranty                                     3 years control box & coil.

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